Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A cell phone’s antenna gives off radiation. It damages the acoustic nerve, forming cancers that can cause bleeding. It also does damage on a cellular level, damaging the DNA that allows the cells to repair themselves. Abe and Aaron use their cell phones while in a continual loop, dosing themselves with radiation over and over. Note, the only ear that begins bleeding is the one they use with their phone. Abe was right. You should avoid all electronic devices.

Aaron’s bleeding, which precedes Abe's own ordeal, is a sign that he has been doing a lot more time traveling than Abe. It is a sign for the audience as well. By the time we see Abe’s ear bleeding, we should know that they are both doing a lot of traveling, just like the Weebles.

Aaron should avoid making the narrator’s phone call heard at the beginning and the end of the film. It would avoid another cause and effect feedback loop. The ending is significant. It shows that Aaron knows that Abe(2) cannot guarantee that he will prevent Aaron(1) and Abe(1) from successfully building and using the time machine. It may even cause a paradox, eliminating both Abe(2) and Aaron(2). Abe(2) could even cause greater problems by his attempts to thwart their destiny.