Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Despite Aaron(2)’s success in saving Rachel at the party, he must endure his time on the sidelines and allow Aaron(3) to overwrite those events if he is to escape the feedback loop. The only way to do this is to insure that Aaron(3) will get back in the box. If Aaron(3) actually gets things perfect and does not fail-safe, then he will exit the loop and leave Aaron(2) permanently stuck behind. When Aaron(2) does exit, he will not have experienced the final revision of the party; the one everyone else will remember.

Aaron(3) will take Aaron(2)’s place. He will meet Abe(2) at the bench with the recordings and convince Abe to go to the party with him. There is only one way to make him fail-safe. Aaron(2) must insure that things do not go smoothly at the party. This will cause Aaron(3) to use the fail-safe, feeding the feedback loop. If Aaron(3) concludes correctly that things are not going right because of Aaron(2)’s interference, it will cause him to go back and confront Aaron(2) at the house. For that matter, Aaron(2) could also send Granger back into the loop, startling Aaron(3) into thinking he was in a repeat of TGI and causing either Abe or Aaron(3) to fail-safe. Then again, Aaron(3) should try to observe events as Aaron(2) lives them. Aaron(3) will observe the events, fail-safe, take out Aaron(2), and begin his task of perfecting the events.

Is Aaron(2) outsmarting Aaron(3)? Is it his sacrifice of control that insures his escape? Or does Aaron(3) realize that he is going to become stuck in the feedback loop when he uses the fail-safe? Why would Aaron(3) sacrifice everything willingly? If Aaron(2) and Aaron(3) continue to fight and struggle for control, won’t Abe figure out that there are too many Aarons running around? The only solution for Abe would be to use his fail-safe to reset events, hoping for a better outcome.