Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Abe doesn’t realize that he is talking to a time-traveler, not for a long time. Aaron doesn’t know that Abe has received a phone call from another Aaron and knows that he has built a time machine. Aaron hopes that Abe will never use the two large boxes he has secretly built. Aaron slyly suggests that all they have built is an incubator for fungus. Notice how Aaron drops in the sentence, "Where is it?"  Abe tells Aaron that he took it to the shop. Now is Aaron repeating this scene from memory, recording the conversation, or reliving it with the recording?

When anything is repeated, it is impossible to know what the original timeline was like.(Obviously, since Aaron has the recording, this is not the original or first time through. Aaron has exited the box, so he should know where Abe has everything. Thus, he is repeating what he has on the recording.) The idea of building a bigger box; was it really Aaron’s idea or was it Abe’s? If Abe originally said it in the timeline, then in the rewrite of it, Aaron must be sure that Abe comes to that same conclusion, even if he has to suggest it. This will insure that Abe will continue on the same course as the previous timeline. (Unless, Aaron is trying to deliberately alter something, such as Abe becoming suspicious and moving or locking the box that Aaron's previous self must use to repeat himself to avoid a paradox.) Aaron(1) must insure his safe travel through to become the present version of Aaron(2).

Aaron also suggests keeping it someplace safe, safer than in a closet. Some place climate-controlled. Amazing that not a bit of the fungus appears at the, right behind you, U-Haul. Aaron(2) has thus insured that the box will remain at the U-Haul where Aaron(1) will re-enter allowing the current version of Aaron. The U-Haul is now the very center of the Primer Universe.

It’s just too bad that the doors of the storage unit should never be locked. Otherwise, how would you get out from the inside? If you cannot lock it, you cannot control who is going to use it. Even if you never tell anyone, they could always follow you or look up the information on the storage manifest.