Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Aaron(2)’s confrontation with Aaron(3) leads to a moment of Zen, an awakening. He sees the error of his revision upon revision. The job at hand is to repair the space time continuum. Aaron(2) learns to avoid the consequences that Aaron(3) has experienced. He can assist Abe to avoid the Granger incident as well. First, he must insure that Aaron(1) is drugged, that Aaron(3) is not allowed to exit the fail-safe by keeping it off, and he sees the need to record the day’s conversations. When Abe(2) returns from the fail-safe, he will meet Aaron(2) who will proceed to instruct Abe to gas his former self, shut off his fail-safe, and rewrite the party for the final revision.

At the bench scene, Aaron(2) seems well rested and prepared. Abe, however, has lived several 36 hour days prior to his four day trip through his fail-safe. Abe is now self-aware. He is in shock to see, not Aaron(1), but Aaron(2). Abe will rejoin his friend Aaron(2) at the bench when his trip is equally successful. Without interference from their former selves or their future selves, they can run through the party, avoid the Granger episode, and finally exit the feedback loop in time. They are at fault for creating this disaster in time. Neither one can see what the other is causing. So Abe has been unaware of all of Aaron’s rewrites.

This shift in forward power to standing down with their continual use of the fail-safe is the reverse engineering of the timeline itself. While some fans have done a decent job in writing a forward timeline, they fail to see how it must go forward by retracing its origins. It is a bit of a mirror image with Abe and Aaron now fully aware of how to use their boxes to their fullest potential. Thus, the first bench scene will be repeated with Abe(2); the Abe who gasses Abe(1).