Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How does Aaron(2) escape the cause and effect loop? Consider his actions. He, at first, uses the fail-safe and does not interfere with Aaron(1). This is why he does not expect Aaron(3) to fight with him. But by the time Aaron(3) has the struggle with Aaron(2), Aaron(2) cannot be simply convinced that his entrance once again will create Aaron(3). Aaron(3) has the recordings of the day that Aaron(2) has experienced, but he seems to be more than one jump ahead. Aaron(2) fights because he is convinced that his use of the fail-safe will not reset events of the timeline, but rather, cause him to vanish.

Deep in the loop, Aaron(2) may go willingly back in the box. Yet, this allows the loop to continue. For Aaron(2) to step out, he must stop his use of the boxes. This is where and how Aaron exits. However, Abe’s use of the fail-safe keeps resetting events back in time to a point before Aaron(3) meets with Aaron(2). This would erase any knowledge that Aaron(2) has gained. Therefore, Aaron(2) must meet with Abe(2) and teach him to stop the feedback loop. First, the Granger incident must be avoided. Second, Abe must drug his double, which Abe was determined to avoid. This is working the timeline backwards. Abe and Aaron can relive the party together. Since Aaron(2) is determined not to fail-safe again,when Aaron(3) decides to fail-safe with the recordings and confront Aaron(2), he will vanish into the past. Time will finally go forward, with Aaron(2) and Abe(2) exiting and surviving.

Aaron(3) seals his own fate by giving so much information to Aaron(2). This allows Aaron(2) to understand what he must do to exist as a permanent rather than a temporary version. He must trust Abe enough to tell him what has been happening. Abe(2) will fail-safe at the point where Aaron(3) has nearly perfected the party 19 times. Then, the boys rewrite the party scene together, the final version that everyone else will remember.