Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Aaron(3) exits the box. What he does depends on what the others do. If Aaron(3) thinks he has landed in a timeline where Aaron(2) does not exist, then Aaron(3) will go to the party. If he thinks Aaron(2) is in his timeline and causing problems, then Aaron(3) will confront Aaron(2) to convince him to get back in the box. When Aaron(3) sees Aaron(1), he will drug him and put him in the attic, taking his place. This timeline could be a new timeline where Aaron(2) has chosen not to drug his former self. Whenever Aaron(3) time travels and does not see Aaron(2), he will conclude that his former confrontation convinced Aaron(2) to get back in the box.

Aaron(2) exits his box. He has decided to repeat a former timeline but has chosen not to interfere with Aaron(1). He is not confronted by Aaron(3). From his perspective, he is in an earlier timeline. However, this could be a new timeline in which Aaron(3) has chosen not to confront Aaron(2). It is also possible that the person he thinks is Aaron(1) is really being impersonated by Aaron(3). When Aaron(2) drugs his former self, he cannot know if Aaron(3) is about to confront him or is hiding from him.

Thus, Aaron(2) and Aaron(3) are fighting against one another in the Primer universe. One of them has to back down and yield to the others attempt to control events. This is hard to do when you are both ambitious perfectionists. Aaron(3) really does want it more. Aaron(2) settles for giving up control for an opportunity to escape the feedback loop. It may seem that he has it all figured out. It is obviously more likely that Aaron(3) has a greater perspective and knowledge but has chosen to take control of events for the benefits only a person with his level of knowledge can accomplish. He will accomplish what Aaron(2) could not. Of course, his influence may have caused Aaron(2)’s failure in the first place.