Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Rules to Follow to Evade Causality Paradoxes or Generally Screwing Your Life Up:

1.Do not disturb the box after you exit it. You or your double is in it.
2.When re-experiencing time stay away from your double until he/she has started his/her journey backwards.
3.Worry about yourself first. Now is the only moment that has to make sense.
4.Don't be too curious about your surroundings.

Why does Aaron jump back into a problematic timeline? Is it to rescue Abe or the other Aaron? Does he do it for his wife?

Obviously, he doesn’t realize that the new Aaron, who has used Abe’s fail-safe, will exit after being confronted and will have the same idea to disappear to a foreign country. More of a surprise comes to Abe when he sees the storage manifest. He only rented one room. It was his future self who dangerously left the fail-safe where it would be used and controlled by Aaron.

The clue was in the name Terger; backwards it spells regret. The company name on Aaron’s shirt and camera is Emiba. Abime is French for 'a story within a story'; also as 'engulfed', or in 'an abyss'. This term certainly helps solve the beginning and end of the movie; unless like me, you find it last after explaining everything else. Abime is also from Mis-en-abime: 'an entity with another identical entity'. Or also, it is an 'image of an image'. This is exactly the term I have always used to help people understand why Abe and Aaron can barely write. They have made themselves a mirror image of an image.

Solving Primer was a fascinating roller coaster of a ride. It reminds me of creating a math proof. You never actually solve it until you have done at least half of the work. You either finish it correctly or you scrap the whole project. I am still amazed that Carruth could create such a complex and original outline. I have the greatest respect for him. I hope he will be pleased to know that a math geek was the first to crack the code.(He was pleased; although he prefers 'math nerd'.)

As far as math goes, the word symmetry actually refers to its mathematical definition, 'the exact reflection of form on two sides of a plane', a balance. Abe understood that the phone call had broken the symmetry between them and their duplicates.