Tuesday, May 5, 2009


 Why does every math geek want to publish his discovery? He wants the recognition of his ability. Aaron may say this out of sheer exuberance originally. He may say it in the rewrite so that Abe does not become suspicious that Aaron is plotting to gain control of the boxes. To do that, Aaron must not only use the fail-safe but bring back a box with him, thereby duplicating it. However, that will not last since Aaron(1) will take the box and disappear with it. In order to have a lasting duplicate, or third box, Aaron(2) must stop Aaron(1) from taking that box. Also, if Aaron(1) finds the third box, he will have no need to use the fail-safe. Then Aaron(2) will have created not only a duplicate box but a duplicate Aaron.

As it turns out in the timeline, Aaron(2) exits the fail-safe with the other box. Abe does not know anything about this box.. Abe's boxes are identical, the fail-safe has been running longer than the other box.

The second major timeline has Abe building the fail-safe with Aaron immediately exiting with his very own box. This can allow Aaron(2) to be in control of the box that is running the longest. He can go back in time at least 15 minutes farther than Abe can, even more if he turns the fail-safe off and restarts it at a later time than in the original timeline.

Having hindsight into the past may give one some insight on what to do. But how do you decide what to do when you become the past self? As Aaron(2) is about to find out, it is not easy to trust your future self, Aaron(3). When Aaron(3) tells Aaron(2) to get in the box and allow Aaron(3) to become the ‘present’ Aaron, how would Aaron(2) know if this is true or if he is being tricked so that his use of the box will result in his disappearing from the present timeline?