Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Are you thinking that you purchased real estate in the middle of Lake Erie? If entering the box to travel into the past forms a rewrite of events, then how could Abe and Aaron sit there and watch Abe disappear into the past? Shouldn’t it result in a rewrite, erasing their memories of the last 6 hours? Or does the universe somehow know when you will cause a rewrite and when you will simply disappear from the timeline?

What really counts in the timeline’s possibilities is who survives. It does not matter to the universe if Abe or Aaron exit at all. It’s no great loss if Aaron(3) fail-safes into infinity. There is only one final outcome (or central branch), one path that leads from the beginning to the conclusion. The fact that Aaron(2) survives to exit the feedback of the timeline, shows that his account matters. There is no universal law. It is the survival of the fittest. Abe was right when he said, "Worry about yourself first. Now is the only moment that has to make sense." Aaron(3) only matters in the sense that he interacted with Aaron(2).

Even if there was an Aaron(4) who fought with Aaron(3); Aaron(3) would see events as being rewritten by his use of the box (erasing the future Aaron(4)), while Aaron(4) would see Aaron(3) leaving his timeline (becoming Aaron(4)).

Abe and Aaron have made a critical error while watching the former Abe enter the U-Haul. He did not just disappear. He had to exit six hours later into a new timeline, or six hours earlier. This Abe is known as Abe the Houdini. Everything may have seemed fine, but Abe and Aaron still have a lot to learn. We will learn more about Houdini later.