Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You are Aaron. Your watch confirms that you have reached the A end and it is time to exit as the box is cooling down. It is hard to believe that it is Sunday evening. Now, should you leave the box running or turn off the fail-safe? Are you in the box or not? Will your former self find the fail-safe and get in sometime Thursday? What will happen to you if he doesn’t? What will Abe do if he suspects you are from the future?

Your best option at this stage would appear to be to turn off the box and reset the 15 minute timer for it to run anew. You trust that Aaron(1) will perform the same routine as your past few days, get in the box, and exit this new timeline. Could you convince Abe that the device was too dangerous? Did Abe tell me that the machine was too dangerous to look inside to prevent my time travel? How long has Abe had the boxes at the U-Haul? Abe must have used the box before Monday. How else would he know about the shock? How could he be so sure that his first trading day would be successful? Abe must have gone through this routine before, watching himself return to the box in the afternoon. Was Abe really working on the device at the shop or was that just what he told me? Maybe I figured out that he was keeping me from finding out about the boxes. Maybe he went back a day and erased that entire day from me. Where is Abe now? What did we do last Sunday night? I should give him a call. Hmm, Sunday 7pm. I’ll show him.

Contrary to some popular theories, using the fail-safe does not automatically create a permanent double. You would have to prevent yourself from using the fail-safe, perhaps by eliminating the event that caused you to use the fail-safe to begin with, or you would have to insure that the box was turned off without restarting during your time period.