Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Unusual particles form inside a hadron collider. Some of them react with other particles and form the theorized ‘Higgs boson’, a particle that influences other particles into the formation of stars, planets, and even black holes.(Apparently discovered in July 2012 at the CERN collider.) In our story, Abe(2) and Aaron(2) are thus, the Higgs bosons from our Feynman diagram. They are, in a sense, created by the power of the box. They continue to react with all of the other characters, including past and future selves. They shape events around them, even eliminating events if they wish.

Thankfully, Carruth did not write this as one mentally imagined fairy tale, like ‘Dallas’. It is a wonderful in-depth view of the scientific thinking behind time travel. If you fail to appreciate the difficulty of this, try torturing yourself someday by watching ‘Timeline’. The science behind its time travel has been replaced with the worst possible explanation; perhaps one that only an 8-year old might swallow. In ‘Déjà vu’, it is no small miracle that the time machine just by chance has a pod inside large enough to fit a human, is magically able to send human cells and brain matter (though not designed to), and can land that person in a hospital bed where his heart must be restarted. This is not meant to be science fiction, just mindless entertainment. Note the reference to the "cowbell", in which they poke fun at their own worthless scientific jargon.

When Abe and Aaron decide to change events, they form a new timeline (from their perspective). When they choose not to change events, but rather, repeat previous events, it is a rewrite from their perspective. Every time travel story repeats ideas from the past, as well as chooses new directions to go in. These new actions are incorporated into future stories. Try to picture this story without the influence of Pandora’s box or the Midas curse. Where would the future of our time travel movies be without Primer? I shudder to think. Thanks Shane.You might enjoy a simple time travel film written in an amusing style. Its a youtube project called; "Stealing Time."