Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When does Aaron begin to question Abe’s instructions? He is so impetuous to begin with. Why bother following the rules if you can always repeat your day from its beginning? Perhaps he thinks back to Tuesday morning. How did Abe know that I experienced a shock? How did he know I got out too early and not too late? Is he pretending not to know or has he not learned how to use this thing? Could he be suspicious that I am reliving this day? If Monday was his first trip in the box, why does he seem so well-practiced?

Is the box really "too dangerous to look into"? Abe is wrong. The box is not "one-time use only". Wrong or lying? When someone exits the box, he can not be in the box also. It is a new timeline. The box is empty. If I just take a quick peek.

"Stay away from your double." Why? I could teach him what I have learned. Now I know that these things are not true. But in order to insure that Abe thinks I am a first-time traveler, I will have to make the same mistake by getting out too early. I must insure that Abe does not use his fail-safe and erase all of the progress that I have made so far.

"Don’t touch the box when you exit." It has to be to my benefit to turn the box off after I exit. I need some time before anyone else exits from the future. I need to make sure that my double does not ruin things either. I have to keep him out of my hair somehow.

How many experiments has Abe conducted? How many 36 hour days has he lived? Why did he wait so long before he told me? Was that day one of the days that he has repeated? What did he erase?