Tuesday, May 5, 2009


If you can understand that from Abe's perspective in the second time line, he turns on the fail-safe and 15 minutes later Aaron(2) pops out (but he is not identified as a time traveler until later). This immediacy helps us to see how Aaron(3) and Abe(2) are present simultaneously as well (from an outside perspective). So as Abe builds the box, it is quite possible for Abe(2) to try to sabotage it. Also, Aaron(3) can act to repair the box. So the box can work for a few hours, then suddenly not work. In the second time line, it seems that Aaron(2) was capable of repairing the box, even if Abe(2) had tried to contain future time travel (or at least the box Abe(1) constructed).

Aaron(3) seems to feel that his survival is dependent upon not creating a paradox, especially since he personally experienced the Granger incident and fears something similar could happen to him.. If Aaron(2) will not get back into the box, then his survival could be threatened. Aaron(3) could also be just a past rendition of Aaron(4). Aaron(2) realized, as he stated at the gas station, that he is living in a repetition where all of his actions are virtually programmed. Even if he would alter his course from the previous unremembered time line (now in revision), then Aaron(3) could always just reset the day and insure that Aaron(2) is not able to disrupt his plans again. Perfection has a high price.

(I'm adding some information here 5/13) I was asked how would it be possible for Aaron to 'redo' the party 20 times without creating 20 Aarons? This is something that confuses everyone. What we see Aaron(2) and Aaron(3) do is just the opposite. But, perhaps Aaron(3) learned that drugging Aaron(1) wasn't the best idea. Except now, he can not "go back and tell myself not to." Aaron(3) confronts and struggles with Aaron(2), but perhaps he learns a valuable lesson. That being: to relive the timeline, he must be humble enough to believe his future self and quietly leave the timeline by getting back in the box.

So, exit the box at 9:15, turn it off, turn it back on again because if this version doesn't work out as well as you want, you can go back to 9:30 and get the 9:15 version of you to get back in the box. As long as he gets back in the box and disappears, then you are in sole control with all of the knowledge of the past timelines. (It isn't necessary to turn the box off and on. But that would mean you would have to use a different box because when the self you supplant leaves, he has to turn off the box. I would keep the number of boxes to a minimum and risk the loss of 15 minutes.)