Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The new Abe(1) and Aaron(1), fresh out of the attic and closet, have four days less progress than their predecessors did when they started their time travel experiments. They do not know that Abe(2) will be an observer to their work on the boxes they plan to construct. This will not be easy, as they are both aware that something happened to them. Abe(2) knows that he could miss their success in the future. So, he decides to leave one of the boxes at the U-Haul running. This will be Aaron(2)’s fail-safe should either Abe or Aaron discover time travel.

Aaron(1) will find and travel almost four days back in the box. The box he finds will be the box Abe(2) has stored as the fail-safe! This makes Abe(2) decide to go back as well. When he arrives, he will find that Aaron(1) has taken control. He has therefore, become a new Aaron(2). He has insured that he is a permanent double.

This will create a new feedback loop. The only person in the world who can help them is in France, the Aaron(2) from the previous month. Let us say this new episode is early April. The older Aaron(2) uses the large box to travel back to early April. He comes back and joins this new timeline. He confronts the new Aaron(2), playing the role of Aaron(3). He only pretends to be Aaron(2)’s future self. Aaron(2)suspects that Aaron(1) escaped the attic and fail-safed to get revenge.

When Abe(2) discerns that Aaron(3)is really Aaron(2) from the last cycle, it is quite the shock. Obviously, before the confrontation with Aaron(2), Aaron(3) will have to observe the new series of events, go back and substitute himself with the recorder, and then go back to struggle with Aaron(2). Wow! Now you start to see how we have a story within a story. You see how Abe from the future and Aaron from the future were there from the very beginning of Primer. I know you see it.