Tuesday, May 5, 2009


At the end of the film, Abe(2) thinks he can prevent Abe(1) from building the boxes. He thinks he has changed the future by stepping out of the feedback loop. He does not realize that Abe(1) is himself, about to receive the phone call from the exiting Aaron(2). True, this is a different week, but the main characters are essentially the same people in a different set of circumstances and events. If Abe(2) allows himself to interfere with the boys, he will get sucked right back into the new cause and effect loop that Abe(1) and Aaron(1) will create.

If they are successful despite Abe(2)’s efforts, the feedback loop will result with a similar ending, spitting out another Aaron(2). Any interference will just make the boys extra paranoid. Waking up in a closet or attic has that effect on people. Abe(1) will build a box based on receiving the phone call. If Abe(2) notices that Aaron(1) vanishes, it will be proof that Abe(1) built a working box after all. Then Abe(2) will be powerless to stop them from creating havoc. There is always the possibility that Abe(2) understands this. He could keep one of the boxes in the storage facility as his own fail-safe. He would use this only if Abe(1) builds a working box. Then, he could go back a few days and prevent Abe(1) and the new Aaron from time traveling. Unless, Abe(2) exits the fail-safe and finds out that Aaron(1) is already Aaron(2) the time traveler. Then someone would have to come and rescue them all. If only someone a month from now would find out, be able to travel back in time for 30 days or so, and be able to help Abe(1), Aaron(1), and Aaron(2) escape the new loop they are bound to become stuck in.

To do that, you would have to build a very large box, far away from the locales of Dallas. Paris perhaps. Aaron(2) may promise himself to never return. Unless, unless he finds out that Aaron(1) has disappeared along with Abe and Abe.