Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Solving Primer was like a blind man solving a Rubik’s cube. There are so many possibilities. How long did it take Aaron to realize the need to take Abe’s other box through the fail-safe? Where does he put his box and when does he turn on Abe’s fail-safe, Monday morning? When does he decide to go back and drug his former self? Aaron could try to drug himself before turning on the box. Then if he must fail-safe again, he returns moments after putting Aaron(1) in the attic. But that means if his attempt is unsuccessful, Aaron(1) could really make a mess of things, even preventing Aaron(2) from existing, much like the story, ‘By my own bootstraps’.

Abe’s shock at finding Aaron(2) after using the fail-safe makes him ask "How?" Aaron found the fail-safe to return to the timeline before Abe used the box on Monday. Aaron also realized that after he found the fail-safe on Thursday and went back to Sunday, that Abe(1) sent Granger from Friday to Wednesday evening and may have prevented Aaron(1) from finding the fail-safe. However, it is possible that Aaron(1)  found the fail-safe in the new timeline because he was stuck in the attic and suspected Abe was up to something. After Aaron(2) wrestles with Aaron(3), he decides that using the box could erase himself, making him become Aaron(3). If you do not like your future self, go back and prevent his future, by keeping the machine off. Rework the party with Abe(2) and make sure that Abe(1) is out of commission as well. Trust each other. Trust the recordings. How long has this teeter-totter in time been out of control? It must stop if Abe and Aaron will ever exit and go forward in time instead of continually returning to the past. Even at the great cost of leaving his wife and daughter, to Aaron(2) the most sensible option is to leave it all behind.