Thursday, November 22, 2012


Some of you may know that Shane Carruth was one of the first to read the book 'The Primer Universe'. (Actually his brother John read it first when it came in the mail.) Recently Shane spoke about The Primer Universe.

"I'm grateful that anybody who cares enough would take the time to do that. But I'm also a little bit discouraged that that seems to be the main thing that's taken away from the film – the mechanics of it."

Sorry, Shane. But the mechanics of Primer was the main discussion as it is the only thing that needs explanation. The aspects of their emotions and the effects on their relationship is important. Most people can grasp those points without my dissecting it. Others have already explored that part.

Perhaps, as it is now obvious, this is why Shane took down his forum where the following points in this book were first discussed. Answers were scrutinized and had to be firmly backed by the film itself. Shane chose not to continue to provide the answers on his site. They are all still here.

This 'blog' is the full version of the book, The Primer Universe. It is no longer available in print. The oldest page posted here is the last page of the book. I have added a few pages since this was first published.

'The Granger Incident' is located here: (one of the most popular pages)

Here is a link to some other thoughts on Primer. Mainly, a review of other information about Primer and the often asked question about a timeline picture floating around the internet.

Thanks everyone for your links and comments.